Embroidery Film

Watersol™ has controlled tensile strength, enabling the needle to penetrate, puncture and come out faster. The film has embroidery topping and backing application that tears like paper, saving time as excess film after embroidery can be torn off easily. The remaining film can be dissolved, with either water spray or dampening with warm sponge. Other non-wash solutions such as paper leave fibers and contain formaldehyde. Embossed Watersol™ Film is specifically designed for clients engaged in embroidery business. It brings a number of added features to the embroidery process. Useful for stretchy and thin flimsy fabric among others, these help to avoid puckering and slipping of the fabric and make it more stable. Thus, not only the stitch count is reduced but also, the quality of stitches is improved. Watersol™ Film is dissolved in cold water or it can be torn away from the fabric at the end. All in all the utility cost is reduced and at the same time, better quality embroidery is achieved.